20 May 2006

Another Harper Boo-boo

It seems the poor PM is having a bad week. In at least his fifth blunder this week, the Harper jumped on board a false story in the National Post, ready to rally with Bush against Iran.

Antonio Zerbisias at the Toronto Star has a lengthy post discussing the issue.

And here's an interesting twist to the story, thanks to My Blawg.

Ah, poor, poor Stephen, caught in the midst of an attempt to manufacture consent...

UPDATE:Just a bit more on this from Daily Kos.


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Blogger berlynn said...

Struck a nerve, huh? FYI, I grew up in a Thatcher Liberal family, but nice try. Also, Prairie Giant was a dramatization, so again, nice try. And, you might want to read the follow-up post by the journalist to whom you link. Seems there was no evidence to be found to criminalize C. M. Fines. Alas and alack, the same cannot be said of the Thatchers and the Devine Conservatives.

1:11 a.m.  

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